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Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Wubu County

1. Basic Information

Separated from Liulin County of Shanxi Province by a river, Wubu County of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, is among the regions in extreme poverty in the Lvliang Mountain. It is a state-level revolutionary base and a key poverty-alleviation area. Covering an area of 421 square kilometers, Wubu consists of five towns, 104 administrative villages, one sub-district and three urban communities. Of its population of 84,000, 66,000, or 78.6 percent, are rural residents. In 2017, its GDP was 2.087 billion yuan, and per capita GDP 24,800 yuan, about 41.62 percent of the national average (59,700 yuan). By the end of 2017, 68 villages and 8,433 residents of 4,476 households in the county were registered as impoverished. As such the poverty headcount ratio stood at 11.99 percent.

Wubu plans to lift all its people out of poverty by the end of 2018.

2. Poverty Alleviation Efforts in Recent Years

The group company rolled out a targeted poverty alleviation program in the county in 2013, which was undertaken by Shendong Coal Group. Two personnel from the company were selected to work in Wubu as deputy county magistrate and village Party secretary (temporary post).

With assistance from the company, over the past years Wubu has built roads of totally 49.1 kilometers in 25 villages and four bridges over rivers, installed 210 solar-powered street lamps in rural communities, dug four wells, and built three rainwater collecting cellars and drinking water projects to supply water to both local farmers and their livestock. What’s more, the company has lent support to three projects that will boost local economy through industrial development.

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