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Ling Wen: Let Coal-fired Power Generation Achieve Nearly Zero Emissions, Even Cleaner Than Natural Gas-fired Power Generation

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When interviewed by the media at this year’s “Two Sessions,” Ling Wen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and CEO of China Energy Investment Corporation, declared with great confidence that China Energy will endeavor to upgrade coal-fired power generation technology and make coal-fired electricity generation achieve “nearly zero emissions,” a level leading all countries in the world.

Ling pointed out that “nearly zero emissions” of coal-fired power generation refer to the emissions of soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides below 1㎎/m³,10㎎/m³ and 25㎎/m³, respectively, while the figures for natural gas-fired power generation are 5㎎/m³, 35㎎/m³ and 50㎎/m³, respectively. In this context, the standards for coal-fired power generation will be lower than that for natural gas-fired power generation, thus reaching a world-leading level.

He also noted that currently coal remains the primary energy in China. While reducing the emissions of coal, the country should also increase the use of new energy and renewable energy, thus making both newly added energy and traditional energy cleaner. China Energy has made major breakthroughs in many fields concerning new energy. It has Asia’s largest off-shore wind power project and owns advanced technologies such as thin-film solar power generation and building integrated photovoltaics.

At last, Ling added that based on stable energy supply and a series of innovations in technology and management as a world-class demonstration enterprise, China Energy is expected to continue realizing remarkable achievements in 2019.

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