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Boundless Love Awarded at Miami International Film Festival

Author:    Source: www.hatcheteyewear.com   Time: 2019-03-03   Font:【L M S

On March 3, Boundless Love, a film created and directed by a team of China Energy Investment Corporation, won the award for the best love story film in Chinese language at the 36th Miami International Film Festival (MIFF). Shen Haorong, the actor who played the leading role of Chen Chang in the film, won the award for the actor with the most potential. So far, this beautiful love story film has been selected and shown at four international film festivals in Asia, North America, and Africa, winning a lot of recognition and praise from the judges and the audience.

It took the team three years to create Boundless Love, a film based on the real story of Chen Chang, a Chinese worker at Guohua South Sulawesi Power Co., Ltd., with an Indonesian girl. It is also the first Chinese film shot all the way in Indonesia. During the period of production, the team travelled to Indonesia frequently, facing many uncertainties and difficulties. However, they overcame all the difficulties with the conviction to tell “good stories” and spread positive energy. Their dedication to the cause has been approved by many famous film festivals and professionals. China Culture Daily commented: “The language of the film is as restraint, concise and lyrical as narrative prose poetry, so that it sends out rich literary fragrance while conveying its ideas and feeling, setting up a new trend in the creation of low-cost films.”

The success of Boundless Love reflects the collision and fusion of the culture of the East and West. China Energy expressed its ideas and feelings to the world through big screens.

The Miami International Film Festival, which began in 1984, is one of the most famous international film festivals in North America. It is also the largest and most influential international film festival in the southeast of the United States. Nearly 200 films go to the show and premiere each year, a feast of North American and global film and culture. The latest festival attracted several other Chinese films to the competition, including Zhang Yimou’s film Shadow, Jia Zhangke’s film Ash is Purist White, Jiang Wen’s film Hidden Man, which has attracted the world’s attention for Chinese-language films.

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