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Wang Xiangxi Inspects China Energy Subsidiaries

Author:    Source:    Time: 2019-03-23   Font:【L M S

From March 11-12, Wang Xiangxi, chairman of the board of directors of the China Energy Investment Corporation, inspected four subsidiaries of the group company: Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd., Shenhua Baoshen Railway Group Co., Ltd., China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd., and China Shenhua (Baotou) Charcoal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Wang first visited the Shangwan Coal Mine of Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd. where he inspected the 8.8-meter intelligent coal mining working face and learned about coal production process, safety management, the use of equipment and other conditions. In the coal-to-liquids exhibition hall and the central control room, he was briefed on the production process and development plan of direct coal liquefaction. At the Shenhua Baoshen Railway Group Co., Ltd., he rode a safety inspection vehicle to check the railway safety and operation conditions. At China Shenhua (Baotou) Charcoal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., he inspected the production units at the power, olefin and methanol plants and the packaging line of the polyethylene products. He also held a meeting with employees.

Wang hailed the achievements made by each subsidiary and instructed that safety should be continuously put first in future work. He also asked them to pursue green development, deepen reforms to invigorate the vitality of the companies and forge ahead toward building the corporation into a world-class enterprise.

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