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China Energy Conference on Cyberspace Development

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On February 27, China Energy held a conference on cyberspace development and made arrangements for its further development. Wang Shumin, deputy CEO of China Energy, attended and presided over the conference.

At the conference, Wang was briefed by a few subsidiaries—China Guodian Corporation, Guodian Power Development Co., Ltd., Guohua Power Company of China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd., China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd., China Guodian Corporation Ningxia Branch, on the implementation of China Energy’s Guideline on Strengthening Cyberspace Security and Informatization.

Wang pointed out that all the departments and subsidiaries of China Energy should enhance the sense of responsibility and mission for cyberspace development. The group’s guideline on cyberspace development must be implemented to guide the building of a world-class demonstration enterprise. He emphasized that all the subsidiaries should fulfil their own responsibilities as the main actors in consolidating the foundation of cyberspace security for safe development. He suggested that the company should intensify innovation in information science and technology to further promote the construction of an intelligent enterprise and continue the people-centered approach in human resources for cyberspace development.

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